rocksI am primarily a cognitive-behavioral therapist, but I incorporate other approaches to provide my clients with an individualized plan for recovery. I will help you recognize how thoughts (cognitions) and actions (behaviors) create and maintain patterns in daily living.

I combine many aspects of dialectical behavior therapy into my work with clients. This kind of therapy offers specific skills to enhance emotional regulation, develop effective interpersonal relationship skills, and ways to tolerate distress in daily living.

I often use psycho-education so you can make informed choices about different ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. Depending upon our focus, I may integrate techniques from other kinds of therapy, such as Existential (examines issues of personal meaning), Systemic (explores the dynamic nature of relationships), Gestalt (emphasizes fully experiencing the here-and-now), or Family of Origin (recognizes how the past influences the present).
Our goal will be to examine how your thoughts, feelings, and actions currently impact your life and to explore ways to facilitate change in your well-being and in your life. Throughout our time together, I will assist you in strengthening your self-esteem, coping abilities, and problem-solving skills. The process of change requires our commitment to work together as a team.

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*I am not currently accepting new clients.*